Analytics Consulting

A Full-Service Business Analytics Consultancy

We are a boutique agency in Business Intelligence consulting with fullstack services in data engineering, data analytics, and reporting. If you are interested in a state-of-the-art cloud analytics solution which helps companies make better decisions faster we can help.


Our Philosophy of Data Management

Managing data successfully deserves no less than a holistic strategy from beginning to end to account for all critical aspects. This is why we provide services in all of these areas:

  • Roadmap creation: research business goals through the lens of data analytics. Identifying critical flows
  • Data Engineering. Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) of federated data sources to your centralized data warehouse
  • Data Warehouse (DW) installation in the cloud for reduced TCO and infinite scalability, schema creation and life cycle setup
  • BI Reporting with Looker, best-in-class analytics solution for a holistic view of your business
  • Exploratory Business Intelligence. Assessment of data health for repeatable and consistent reporting
    The reporting is only as good as the data!
  • Governance and Compliance. Installation of data quality monitors and alerts for compliance
  • Restructuring of existing systems for easy management and future growth
  • Data security assessment – which data needs to be protected for security and compliance
  • Implementation of your roadmap, using leading ETL cloud tools and best practices
  • Training of in-house employees to take over management of reporting
  • Ongoing Support, if you need a part-time help later on

Sales of last 90 days in four statesIf you would like a demo of these dashboards contact me at or call 323-546-9164 (US).

We have hands-on experience with e-commerce and online marketing.


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