For NonProfits

AdWords Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits, a.k.a. not-for-profit, organizations (NPO) are all about helping your community, your family, your friends, animals, the environment, and the planet. Most NPOs have a web site where they can promote their cause.

So regardless if your NPO touts recycling, planting trees, being nice to your neighbor or donate money to less fortunate people in other parts of the world, Google acknowledges your kindness by offering you a grant of up to 10k per month in AdWords. Sunsprinkle offers help in setting you up with a free AdWords grant and manage your non-profit PPC campaign for a low monthly fee.

Imagine what $10,000 in free advertising could do to help you recruit more volunteers, raise more money, attract a larger audience to support your cause. To take advantage of this opportunity contact us at Sunsprinkle by filling out the contact form below. We are happy to get you into the application process for Google for nonprofits. The program has a few limitations, details are at If you want to apply for yourself, start at

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