Building Websites

Need a New Website?

We can help. Building a new web site from scratch gives you the opportunity to start over, a second chance to get everything right. We use WordPress, the most popular free software worldwide for building responsive blogs and sites with content-management capabilities. WordPress is ubiquitous. Here are some of the top reasons to use it:

  • Simplicity – it uses the PHP scripting language, the most resilient computer language for web sites for the last 15 years. Anything else than simple would have disappeared by now.
  • Best Practices – Time-proven best practices have evolved into the eco system of WordPress or are available with little work in such areas as SEO, security, design, or mobile.
  • Availability – all Internet hosting providers offer it out of the box. Those with cPanel offer a one-click installation to set it up in minutes.
  • Lively community – offers countless plugins, themes, and online support for anything.
  • Access to Talent – Web designers and developers with skills in WordPress are ubiquitous.

No other framework powers more Internet sites than WordPress. 

Developing a web site from the ground up gives you the opportunity to do it right. That means integration with Google Analytics, so you know where your users are coming from, and integration with social networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn). Your WordPress site is at the center of your business’s online activity publishing content and news that is relevant and useful to your audience, your existing and future customers.

Our example web site is that of The Royal Academy of Music, a local neighborhood music school. It has Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, SEO optimization, and runs with a few Google AdWords (SEM) campaigns. The music school has grown to capacity within a few months of the site re-launch supported by moderate local PPC advertising.

Another website built by Sunsprinkle is, a collaborative web site for a non-profit school organization with over 600 students and over 60 teachers in Southern California.

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